How to Save on Diabetic Dog Treatment

Save on Diabetic dog

Treating dog diabetes can be costly. From the high cost of diagnosis to daily insulin and the consistent purchase of items used in the insulin treatment, the cost of treating a diabetic dog can soar to about $200 a month. This rate can double in the... Read More

The Cost of Treating a Diabetic Dog

Treatment cost

When a diabetes verdict is given on your dog’s state of health at the vet’s, one of the consequent responsibilities that comes with it is the care and treatment of a dog whose blood sugar levels will need daily management with insulin. The same... Read More

Is My Dog at Risk of Diabetes?


Any dog can get diabetes, but some dogs are more prone than others. That explains why many dog owners today have this question consistently at the back of their minds: Is my dog at risk of diabetes? Some dogs are genetically predisposed to diabetes,... Read More

Is My Dog Dying From Diabetes?

Dog dying

A diabetes diagnosis can sound like a death sentence for many dog owners, after all, the condition is still incurable. This first impression of the seriousness of canine diabetes can trigger the question, “Is my dog dying from diabetes?” Similarly,... Read More

Exercising Your Diabetic Dog

Exercise is a core aspect of canine health and wellbeing. For diabetic dogs, exercise has both well-being and treatment functions. Specifically, dogs with diabetes need regular exercise like all other dogs. However, exercise for diabetic dogs needs to... Read More

Spaying Female Dogs – Should You or Not?

Spaying your female dog was a rare practice before the 1970s when widespread dog euthanizing and overpopulation in shelters brought out the need to check uncontrolled dog breeding. Today, spaying your female dog is commonplace if you don’t intend to... Read More

Can You Prevent Diabetes In Dogs?

Diabetes is frequently listed among the most common diseases in dogs. One in every 300 dogs gets diabetes at some point in their life. With such a high prevalence, dog owners often wonder whether it is possible to prevent diabetes in dogs. So, is... Read More

Testing And Monitoring Diabetes In Dogs

Most dog owners think they can tell whether their dog has diabetes with simple urine or blood sugar test. What they don’t know, instead, is that diagnosing and monitoring diabetes requires more than just a simple glucose test. From a series of... Read More

Guide to DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis) in Dogs

Your diabetic dog has managed to keep relatively healthy with insulin therapy, moderate exercise, and the vet-recommended high-protein diet. The other day, however, your dog got really sick and had to be rushed to the vet, spending a few days... Read More