Causes of Diabetes In Dogs

The news that your furry friend has diabetes can be devastating. You think you’ve given the best to your dog, but the vet has given his verdict: canine diabetes! So, what are the causes of diabetes in dogs? The primary cause of canine diabetes is... Read More

Types of Canine Diabetes

Everyone knows about diabetes. But not everyone knows that there are two major types of canine diabetes:Diabetes Mellitus (DM) or Sugar Diabetes. Diabetes Insipidus (DI) or Water Diabetes.Each of the two primary types of diabetes has subtypes. In... Read More

Symptoms of Diabetes In Dogs

The adage, prevention is better than cure, is always true when it comes to your dog’s health. However, if your dog already is showing signs of something, would you recognize the symptoms of diabetes in dogs? Early detection can be a life... Read More

Caring For Your Diabetic Dog

The most important message that owners of diabetic dogs should remember is that diabetes in dogs cannot be cure. However by caring for your diabetic dog in the right way your dog can still live a quality life.Tips on Caring For Your Diabetic... Read More

Problems Associated with Canine Diabetes

Canine diabetes can be successfully managed with insulin therapy, prescription diet, exercise, daily blood sugar monitoring, and consistent vet advice. To give your dog the proper care learn to recognize the most common problems associated with canine... Read More

Diet For Diabetic Dogs

A dog standing next to its bowl

Diet is a crucial component in successful canine diabetes management. There is no one-size-fits-all diet for every diabetic dog. However experts in canine health agree on some points for a good diet for diabetic dogs.Be fed the same food daily (good... Read More

Treatment For Diabetes In Dogs

Once your dog has been diagnosed with canine diabetes mellitus, you’ll need to start treatment immediately. It is crucial to bear in mind that treatment is not meant to cure your dog. Instead treatment for diabetes in dogs is about managing the... Read More

Medication For Diabetes In Dogs

Insulin is the primary medication for diabetes in dogs. Once your dog has been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, he will need daily administration of insulin.The most commonly used insulins for dog diabetes treatment are:Vetsulin Humulin... Read More

What is Canine Diabetes

Everyone wants the best for their pet. Of course, a happy dog is a healthy one. So, it’s important to know what you can do if your dog suffers from diseases and health conditions.  One of the canine health conditions that’s important to... Read More

Understand Your Dog’s Blood Glucose Levels

Canine diabetes mellitus management greatly depends on the owner’s understanding of their dog’s blood glucose levels. That implies knowing what normal blood sugar levels are and when your dog has high or low blood sugar.Normal Canine Blood Sugar... Read More